Rent Payment Information

1. Move-in

Tenants may pay by money order, certified check or online before key pick-up. DO NOT pay in cash. The balance needs to be paid in full upon key pick-up or other arrangements need to be made with the office. As a reminder, your lease is split up into equal payments with a sum certain. The landlord will not pro-rate days for moving out early. You have agreed to pay an amount for rent which is stated on your lease.

2. Payment

The monthly rent is due in advance, on, or before the first day of each month. There is a grace period when the rent must be received by the office. If paying online, rent needs to be paid by that date. If you bounce a check or failed to input the correct routing or account number, your landlord may charge you a late fee, reversed or bounced check fee or both. If you pay by check per your lease, make sure the check is payable to the correct landlord or 1st Place Realty.

3. Office Hours

The office does not maintain normal office hours. There is a drop slot for your convenience located upstairs at 3006 N High St., Ste. B, Columbus, OH 43202. If you need to talk to someone in our office, please schedule a meeting by calling the office.  

4. Failure to Pay Rent: Possible Grounds for EVICTION

Your landlord or property manager does not want to evict you from the property unless it is absolutely necessary. If you are served with a “3 Day Notice to Vacate”, you should contact an attorney for your rights. Then, contact the office to see if we can settle this within the timeframe of the 3 Day Notice to Vacate. Our leases our joint and severable which means that everyone who signs on the lease will be responsible to make sure payment is made in full. Meaning, everyone is evicted from the apartment. Having an eviction is embarrassing and should be able to be resolved with your landlord or property manager. If you are not making rent payments due to maintenance, then, you should contact an attorney about putting your rent into escrow. However, this should never be an issue. PLEASE call the office first to discuss maintenance. Our maintenance staff are independent contractors which are NOT on our payroll. We simply need to hire another company to go out for the repair.