Renewal Information

Tenants will need to look at their lease to discover when they are expected to renew. Campus rentals usually begin around October 1st. The intention to renew date is the last day we can guarantee that your apartment will be still yours for the following year. Your landlord will give someone the opportunity to let us know. However, in writing is always best from the tenant. If you want to stay and find new roommates, no problem. The landlord will ask for new tenants to complete the application process. PLEASE do not delay in renewing your lease. Your landlord will do everything possible to keep you inside the apartment. If your living arrangements have changed or you know of friends who are looking, please give them our website information at We have a share button to send to your friends on facebook and for emailing. You can also send them the listing that you are interested in viewing and book online. If you do choose another property with us, we will need to address this in the new lease. 1st Place Realty may be able to help you between moves which is another reason to use our company. Remember, "We Have a Place for You!".