Parking Violations

If 1st Place Realty issues you a parking pass, tenants have agreed:

  1. The pass must easily be visible at all times to avoid a tow fee.
  2. Tenants may call the office to pick up a new pass if broken or misplaced.
  3. Lots may be checked daily by a tow company.
  4. Parents and friends do not have a right to park in your spot without a pass.
  5. Any inoperable, abandoned, unlicensed vehicle will be removed at tenant’s expense.
  6. Parking is done at owner’s risk. Landlord is not responsible for break-ins.
  7. Anyone blocking a dumpster can be towed and fined from the City.
  8. Tenant does not have a right to park in other 1st Place parking lots.
  9. If your vehicle is towed, you will need to call the tow company. The sign will be attached to your building.
  10. DO NOT call your landlord requesting that they call the tow company. The best thing is too be civil with them and plead your case. Being angry at them will not get your car released for free.
  11. Summit St and N 4th St have monthly street cleanings during the warm months. Please let your neighbors know.