Moving Out

Our company would like to thank you for choosing our rental company over this past year. This form is a general guideline that has been prepared for all 1st Place Realty residents who reside in one of our unit’s that have not renewed for the following year.  If you have roommates who renewed for the following year, please email us your forwarding address if money was deposited by the new renters. Our company wants you to receive back your security deposit. Lastly, I would ask for your to submit a testimonial on our website so future renters many know more about your rental experience with our company. Check your lease to make sure you have moved out on time. All possessions should be removed from your apartment, keys returned on the day of move out to our office, a forwarding address is given, and parking passes and laundry keys dropped off if applicable.

1. Security Deposit:

The landlord has 30 days from your lease expiration to return your security deposit. The security deposit will itemize all your deductions. If you feel an unfair charge has been made, please call our office.

2. Forwarding Address:

One check will be issued to the tenants in 1 name unless tenants request differently in writing. If you are moving out early, please give us early access. Most tenants request the keys early and this kind gesture may save the new tenants a lot of time and aggravation. 1st Place Realty will not allow them to move in from your previous lease term. If so, we will seek your permission and try to have the new tenant pay some of your rent.

3. Unpaid Balances:

Tenants should check their online portals to check if they have any unpaid balances. The landlord may start inserting expenses to go against your security deposit refund. Please DO NOT call the office unless instructed by your landlord. Once you have your security deposit statement, please call the office to discuss any discrepancies. It is not our intention to take any of your security deposit money. We want you to receive as much money as possible. 1st Place wants to be known as the premier rental company on campus.

4. General Security Deposit Charges:

Common security deposit deductions are as follows: dirty stove, dirty drip pans, dirty toilet on the outside, nail holes in wall, missing light bulbs, broken handles to refrigerator or stove, missing shelves to refrigerator, missing screens, carpet stains, pet odor, driving onto the property and creating ruts from a U-Haul or truck, debris left in the basement, and leaving possessions. You may contact BULK pickup at 614-645-3111 and have them remove your junk. However, you will need to inform the landlord.

5. General Reminders Upon Vacating:

The tenant(s) are responsible to get the utilities out of their name. The landlord will be responsible for water. You will want to contact moving companies or mowing vehicles months before you move out. Return all internet and TV boxes back to your provider. Here is a list of companies you many need to contact.

AEP (Electric)

City Electric

Columbia Gas


Time Warner Cable